Sev (tanzensiemit) wrote,

Title: Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd (7/?)
Author: tansensitmit
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Pairing: Eric/Ryan
Summery: Ryan loved his brother, he really did, but he was going to kill him if he tried to set him up on a date with one of his co-workers.
A/N: You might not get this reference now, but once you read down you will: undivided is SUPPOSE to be like that. It's an expression. Thank you, carry on. ^_^
Disclaimer: There’s a reason it’s called fan fiction, ya know. That and I can’t write half as well as the show writers can!


Breakfast was an absolute disaster in his opinion but his traitorous brother and former friend thought it was a riot. They’d spent the better part of it poking and prying information out of him until he’d fled to the bedroom with his tail between his legs. He literally had to run towards his room because if he didn’t he was in danger of being late and that’s something Ryan Wolfe never was. Didn’t mean that he was exactly early either and today was going to be one of those times that exactly was going to be stretched. He’d bury them both in the Everglades and no one would be the wiser.

‘If I didn’t love them both the gators would be eating good tonight.’

Calleigh was a little calmer when he returned and did her level best not to tease him or smile to obviously until they were out of the condo and heading into work; she offered to drive and he accepted. He should have known better since she spent the entire trip snickering quietly and throwing out advice like the true meddling hen that she was. Ryan really wondered if he was a masochist because he willingly subjected himself to this type of treatment every time he agreed to go with her, anywhere! Thankfully Cal seemed to be recognizing his limits so she rarely went over the line these days. This car ride, however, was pushing it.

When they arrived at the crime lab, he all but fled to the relative safety of Valera’s DNA lab. He had an understanding with the obnoxious, but loveable, tech: He’d help her with anything even with dates and she’d allow him sanctuary and everything that entails if she’s able. Right now, Ryan really needed a safe haven away from his coworkers, if only for a few moments. There was little doubt in his mind that as soon as Calleigh had a free minute or two she’d slip on down to Autopsy and have an enlightening chat with Alexx. It wouldn’t be long afterwards before his self-proclaimed Momma would venture up out of the bowels of the building and track him down for a talk. And he did not not want to think about Eric right now, not on top of everything else.

There was only so much his poor little heart could take before it decided to explode in protest because of all the upsets and freakouts it was being subjected to lately. Now add that to the fluttering, stuttering, effect that Eric had on the organ, not to mention the constrictions it went through because of the job he did, the things he had to deal with everyday, and you had a revolt waiting to happen. Ryan wanted to live into old age, thanks, so hiding out with Valera wasn’t even a choice it was a need. And she didn’t seem to mind because she always had a smile - okay a smirk but it was still pretty and welcoming - for him and kept up nonstop chatter to help distract him from his worries. He needed that right now and scurried inside.

Unfortunately for him Valera wasn’t in. . .but Eric was and he was already halfway into the lab before he noticed that the hunched figure behind the computer wasn‘t her until brown eyes squinted around the screen so there was no way he could just back out and run like he wanted to - He’d been caught. Perfect.

“Morning Delko. Where’s Valera? I needed to talk to her about something.”

Eric, after recognizing who’d opened the door, shook his head as he stretched his long arms over his head in an effort to relieve some of the tension that was already starting to build up between his shoulder blades. His morning had started an hour ago because he’d wanted to see if the samples they collected, and started running, yesterday had come up with anything; he really should have just slept in since so far it was a big fat zero.

“Dunno, she said she was going to get coffee about,” He looked down at the screen, searching for the clock, then looked back up at the other man, “fifteen minutes ago. I think she’s either lost or Cooper’s got her cornered.”

“Oh. . .well, um, alright then. I’ll just have to catch her later then.” As much as he loved the man currently pulling himself out of the chair and stretching more fully - and NO he was did not notice when Eric’s blue pinstriped shirt rode up to reveal a swatch of caramel skin which he just wanted to lick - he really didn’t want to deal with him right now. His only other options, though, were between Horatio or the shower stalls in the locker room. He was pretty sure no one would let him hide in the locker room and he really, really didn’t want to explain why he was suddenly so interested in H’s office furniture to the red headed Lieutenant. Basically, he was fucked.

Eric seemed oblivious to Ryan’s internal dilemma and had moved around the glass desk to stand in front of the younger man. He smiled to himself at the frown the other currently wore. He always thought Ryan was just a little to serious at time but he couldn’t help but enjoy his expression. Well, there was no use in hanging in DNA all day if it wasn’t going to be useful and he was pretty sure that H would start rounding them up at some point to hand out assignments so he grabbed Ryan's shoulders, flipped him around, and, with both hands on either of the younger man’s shoulders, propelled him out of the lab and down the hall.

Ryan squawked the second he started moving but other than that he complied with what Eric wanted him to do. Didn’t help that his heart was currently in his throat making it hard to breath and that his legs were trying to turn to jelly. It took a hellacious effort of will to keep himself from stumbling but he managed and even somehow managed to ground out an indignant ‘Hey!’ at some point. All in all, he thought he did pretty well with the manhandling. . .even if it wasn’t the kind of manhandling he would have preferred.

“Come on man, move.” Eric teased from behind him, still pushing him. “You’ve got feet so use ‘em.”

Ryan tossed a glare over his shoulder and pivoted to the right and spun around until he was behind the taller man. He gave him a light push, causing the Cuban to stumble forward a few steps. Wolfe merely smirked when the caramel-skinned Latino threw him a dark look. “Serves you right, Eric. I don’t like to be pushed.”

Calleigh chose that moment to insert herself into their moment, smiling infuriatingly bright. “Children, children. Please. This isn’t a school yard.” She strutted down the hall towards them and without stopping, leaned just a hair towards Ryan and gave him a conspiratorial look. “Playtime’s later.” She flicked her hair over her shoulder and continued down the hall, leaving two slightly chagrined men in her wake.

Eric recovered first. “We’ll finish this later so don’t think I’m going to let that little move of yours go.”

Oh. Crap.

Thankfully he was saved from having to respond by an approaching figure that revealed itself to be their Boss and he had work for them. Eric was with Calleigh again today working a Dee-Bee down at the pier while Ryan was sent to follow up a Officer Related Incident down at Miami-Dade Fire Hall; someone from patrol specifically requested the ex-patrolman for the job and Ryan wasn’t complaining. He was actually kind of intrigued by the request since he wasn’t, exactly, on friendly terms with many of his fellow officers during his stint with Patrol. If anything, it’d probably be a chance to catch up with whomever had asked for him.

Turned out it was Aaron Jessop that had called Horatio and asked for Ryan. Seemed like his fellow patrolman, Lucas Rodriguez, somehow managed to loose control of his squad car and plowed into entryway of a little Mom and Pop garage. The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on anyone involved and thankfully no one was hurt. After investigating the scene, interviewing the witnesses, then starting to photograph the car, Ryan noticed that the steering column seemed to be misaligned. It could have happened in the crash, the front end was pretty much totaled, but the CSI had a suspicion that once he got the car hauled back to the lab’s garage, he’d find a few things that would not only clear Officer Rodriguez of fault but also force the PD to take the complaints against the department issue vehicles, which had been long standing since even before Ryan himself had joined the precinct, seriously. If nothing else, Rodriguez and Aaron would rest a little easier if he could clear Lucas.
By the time he got back to the lab it was near lunch. He wasn’t really hungry but he could just hear Alexx harping about the weight he’d lost but that small reminder, no matter how seriously messed up it was that he had a miniature version of the pathologist in his head, had him heading towards the front desk to tact his time down and to call H to let the man know he was going to head to the PD to question the mechanics and catch a bite somewhere in-between.

Just his luck that he caught Eric doing the same thing and no amount of fast talking or obvious deterrents kept him from accepting the invitation to share lunch at the café down by the water ten minutes away from the lab. He’d asked about Calleigh but apparently she had a hot lead on the gun they’d fished out of a trashcan and all but forced Eric out the ballistics’ lab door. Ryan had a sneaking suspicion that she orchestrated it. ‘Peachy.’

“Where are you at right now Wolfe?” Eric kicked at Ryan’s leg underneath the cloth covered small table trying to get the man’s attention.

Ryan jerked violently away from his violent thoughts, ones that involved three loved but annoying people being wrapped up in duct tape and tossed into tank, and blinked owlishly at his lunch companion. After a moment he tried a hesitant smile and shook his head. “No where, man. I’m here.”

“No you weren’t. I was watching you for nearly five minutes and you didn’t even blink.”

Ryan fought hard against the urge to blush and quickly rubbed a hand over his face just hard enough to pink his skin just in case his effort wasn’t working. “Forgive me for not giving you proper attention Delko. Alright, you’ve got my undivided now.”

Eric shifted in the café chair and grinned broadly. “Good, that’s where it ought to be. Especially when I’m buying you lunch.”

“Getting a free meal off of Eric Delko must mean I’m either doing something right or you’re setting me up. So which is it?”

“You’re good. At least I don't think you're being set up; with me, you're solid.”

“Always good to know.” Funny how insanely happy that made him and he realized how truly pathetic he was. But Eric was buying him lunch and smiling at him; Ryan could care less how pathetic it was!
Tags: csi: miami, eric/ryan, fic: two's company three's a crowd

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