Sev (tanzensiemit) wrote,

Operation Holiday Cheer - Abby: BSB

Title: It's Cold Outside
Author: tanzensiemit
Claim: A.J. McLean / Nick Carter
Fandom: Backstreet Boys (OMG BANDOM)
Rating: PG / WS / FRA
Author's Notes: Written for sly_fuck

Growing up in Florida there wasn't a lot of opportunity for snowfall. At least not the kind that stuck more than a few hours and never with enough staying power for snowballs and snow angles, and snowmen.

A childhood without snow, A.J decides as he steps out into the evercrest of white, isn't very much fun at all even if the ocean has never let him down and he didn't like temperatures dropping below 85.

They've been in Berlin for a few hours now, tired but jazzed about their upcoming concert just a day and a half away. There's snow covering the ground - A.J. grins impishly as visions of sinking his ungloved hands deep into the white and letting the cold sink to his bones. Possibly because he's got half a mind, afterward, to plunge his frozen digits deep inside Brian's pants and watch his friend dance away yelping loud and cursing his name. It'd be the best prank ever.

Except he's the one hollering and jumping up and down with his hands scrubbing frantically at the fresh smattering of snow, slowly melting down his ass; bare ass at that because he'd forgotten to grab a pair from his luggage when he washed off after last night's show.

A.J. whips around with a cold, cheeks bright red from not only the weather but embarrassment and glares at the doubled over figure of Nick Carter, the rat bastard.

"You stole my idea!" He growls, still rubbing at his rear, stalking across the ground towards Nick.

Nick just laughs harder and tries to skip backwards out of A.J.'s reach but instead of getting away he trips over his own feet and lands in a pile of snow, sinking a few inches and then further as his body heat melts the edges. He's still laughing.

"God!" A.J. exclaims, smiling. "You're such a dork. But really, man, come on. Get out of the snow before you get sick." He offers his hand and braces his feet to haul the other man up.

"A little cold time isn't going to hurt me any more than it's going to hurt you. Besides," Nick smiles back and grasps A.J.'s wrist. The smile turns devilish as he yanks hard and sends A.J. crashing hard into his chest, snow falling down around them both when the force knocks Nick flat on his back. "You're warm."
Tags: author: tanzensiemit, drabble, operation holiday cheer

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