Sev (tanzensiemit) wrote,

"I'm Sorry, What???"

Hawk, your country confuses the hell out of me sometimes and, I hate to say it, I'm starting to really dislike it even though I love the fact that there are almost no guns about you where you are.

I read a article today that really gets my goat. Apparently Australia believes that just because you've got Down Syndrome that you're never going to amount to anything in your life and just end up costing the commonwealth X-amount of money for as long as you live. Nevermind the fact that a lot of people who live with down syndrome have gone on to college and have received degrees - four year college degrees to boot!

I'm sorry, but the Department of Immigration and Citizenship really screwed the pooch on this. Not only did Bernhard Moeller, the doctor in question, come to Australia to help fill a shortage of doctors but the Department has been more than happy to allow him citizenship and cost the commonwealth for two years. To me it just sounds like they're being right dicks because someone in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship is worried that Down Syndrome is catching because, seriously, what the hell?!

The man and his family came to your country, Australia, to do some good and because you needed help and he's done a lot of good while he's been living in that rural area of Victoria state he and his family has settled in, the community love him and have welcomed him, and even the Victorian Premier John Brumby supports the Moeller family!

Come on, people, a little commonsense, common courtesy, and how about some fucking decency?

I offer my support and well-wishes to the Moeller family and hope that their appeal to the department is granted.
Tags: real life, wtf

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