November 11th, 2008

Naruto - TLKNB

Thank You, Keith!

For someone that hasn't watched the news with anything more than a jaundiced eye for years, I watched California vote on Proposition 8 with a knowing mind and hope in my heard. Unfortunately the knowing mind won out: Californians voted Yes on Proposition 8, taking away people's - and by GOD I will not wear a label and will not place one on others - right to legally marry in their state.

I weep for my fellow human beings and despair of what our country has become. California, you let us down...and you are not the only state to redefine marriage either! My heart hurts because of this.

It's in this troubled time that a man like Keith Olbermann steps up to the plate and makes his opinions known, and shares them with anyone and everyone who tuned into his program on MSNBC. Thank you, Keith. Thank you.

df_chipz, bless you. Bless you for sharing this with us and saxihighlandck for pointing me to Kimmychu's post.

READ and WATCH it for yourself.