Sev (tanzensiemit) wrote,

To Fly in Space

Title: To Fly in Space
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: FRE/G - Angst
Character: Rodney McKay

Once upon a time, when he was young and his mother still loved him, Rodney sat upon a warm knee, secure in the arms of a woman that told him stories of Heaven and Hell and the angels that inhabited both.

A soft, sweet voice full of love and pride spoke of creation of the plants, animals, and the skies, and of the stars and planets hovering above the blue and white over their heads where she told him the souls of all living things lived, up in the endless inky blackness of space, in the stars that twinkled brightly and burned far into other galaxies.

They transcend, his mother had told him, holding him against her chest. They transcend the heavens of a thousand worlds in a thousand galaxies and never, my darling, never do they stop and stay in only one for too long.

At the time his toddler mind believed her and at night, when she laid him in his crib, he dreamed of flying with them to the worlds that were far, far away, waiting for a little soul like him to bring another life into a strange and alien world.

But Rodney learned, the hard way, that not everything his mother told him was ever true; not even that she loved him. Except, in his heart, he never stopped dreaming about flying around the stars. He figures that's why he became an Astrophysicist.

He'll only ever admit that when he's alone, where no one can hear the secrets whispered in the dark - utterly alone.

Then he stepped through the stargate into Atlantis and his heart soared and his dreams returned to the heavens of a thousand alien worlds that he now knew were there, were waiting for him to explore. It made him believe his mother might have loved him when he was small, that she hadn't lied to him.

He cried into his pillow for a solid week because she gave him Atlantis long before it was ever real.
Tags: fre, rodney mckay, sga

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