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Apocalyptica - The Concert Report

Apocalyptica is AWESOME

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Apocalyptica - Band (Oct 1st Lineup)
Eicca Toppinen – Cello
Paavo Lötjönen – Cello
Perttu Kivilaakso – Cello
Mikko Sirén – Drums
Antero Manninen - Cello (Former band member who still appears with the band as the forth cellist from time to time.) I went SQUEE when I seen him. I <3 him muchly

I managed to buy tickets to see Apocalyptica in concert back on the 23rd of August from ticketmaster for the October 1st venue at Center Stage. Sweet? HELLS YES!!

Three days before the concert I somehow LOST my tickets but frantic looking and a godsend by way of my sister (who can bend both hers knees compared to my one), found them! So crisis averted there. I nearly had a heartattack but once the tickets were found all was well again in my world.

So YESTERDAY was the big event! My sister, her finance, Paul, my little cousin Boo (who's been staying with me the past week and some change), and myself all piled into the car and hit the road around 1730 to head to Atlanta. The concert started at 2100 so we figured that was plenty of time to find the place (Mapquest can be awesome sometimes) and get to our seats....Yeah that didn't happen. We ended up finding the place but my sister, who was driving, passed the turn in for the parking lot then missed the ONLY place to turn down to flip back around! So we went ten miles down the road and she decides that she knows where she's going and what she's doing and takes a right instead of a left and we end up in Bumfuck Egypt.

Spent ten minutes trying to find a gas station where we could get directions then almost twenty+ more getting back to Center Stage. It was 2105 by the time we turned into the parking lot. I was not a happy camper and some of my friends got texts showcasing my displeasure. (I APOLOGIZE FOR MY SPAZZING, Y'ALL!) But it turned out to be okay because by the time we got to our seats it was just ten after and they were pumping some dance remixes into the room --the music was great and the lights were spiraling about and flashing all over the place; a veritable rave, baby!-- while everything was still getting fixed up behind the curtain.

We sat there for a good twenty minutes more before the curtain drew back and the AWESOMENESS started.


Right from the START they hit us with Somewhere Around Nothing and didn't stop giving us the hits for over two hours! And that's not even the BEST part!!

You know the band Fuel? Lead singer Toryn Green? He was THERE!!!! He came out to do I'm Not Jesus -- Corey Taylor, vocalist of Slipknot and Stone Sour on the album -- which effin ROCKED HARD! He was a sight to behold and an GOD of EPICNESS working the crowd, revving us all up, and just belting out the lyrics solidly. Damn but it was beautiful!

Now Toryn did leave the stage after giving us a performance of Helden -- Till Lindemann, the lead singer for Rammstein, was the singer for Helden on the album -- but the the show went right along, staying awesome. (Though I did miss Toryn because he just looked YUMMY)

We got everything from Fade to Black, Enter Sandman, and some of their slightly lesser known hits like Life Burns -- Lauri Ylönen, front man for The Rasmus, did vocals for the song but, unfortunately, there were no vocals besides Perttu Kivilaakso yelling out LIFE BURNS at strategic moments -- which flipped the crowd the hell out and had us bouncing, screaming, and singing along, to some of their hits from their latest album. All that and a bag of chips ladies and gentlemen because after the two hours of the show was up -- it never wound down, I'm tellin' ya! -- they trooped offstage as if that was all but after just a few minutes of leaving us in the dark (the lights shut down on stage) and shouting ENCORE, they all came back out! And when I say all, I mean Toryn joined them!! (By that point everyone in the theater was still standing after the standing ovation we gave them when they ended the show the first time...most of us never sat down, including yours truly.)

They started up I Don't Care -- Adam Gontier(US), lead singer for Three Days Grace, & Mats Leven(Foreign), a Swedish vocalist, was on the album --, with Toryn doing vocals, and everyone just went NUTS! It was so loud, all those voices singing along, the band playing their HEARTS out and Toryn just giving it his ALL....omg omg O-M-G!

They played a three song encore and left us all breathless from singing along and cheering by the end of it. It was the best damn concert I've been to in a long, LONG time.

O-M-G, people. Just O-M-G.

*flail of joy*

For all those that want, I took a buttload of pictures and video from the concert and I'm more than willing to SHARE! They're in a .rar file but winzip, and most other extraction programs, will open it.

Pictures: [HERE]
Videos 1-3: [HERE]
Videos 4-6: [HERE]

Please credit tanzensimit if you use ANY of these pictures or any of the video footage OR repost either/both ANYWHERE. Also, DO NOT POST THE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE! I didn't take these to splash up on Youtube. I took them for my own personal enjoyment and decided to share them with my friends here on LJ and other LJ users. Someone else, who was at the concert, can post up their own videos if they took any on Youtube.



All information is provided by wiki, official websites, and personal experiences had by tanzensiemit. No claims, therein, are made that tanzensiemitis affiliated with with Apocalyptica, in name and/or members that form the band, Toryn Green, or ANYONE from their respective agencies/managers/record companies. All images and videos provided by tanzesiemit were captured by her camera and are in no way meant as copyright infringement nor for professional use or distribution. All images and videos within are for personal use and enjoyment ONLY. They may not be used for any other reason.

tanzensiemit is not responsible for the misuse of any images and/or video she's provided and has put a disclaimer, above, to try to prevent such from happening. She will remove any and all images/videos provided if necessary but wishes to keep these images/videos open to the public. Please respect the wishes of both tanzensiemit and Apocalyptica on the use of their images/music/videos.
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