Sev (tanzensiemit) wrote,

Addressed to Washington; to the World

Dear Mr. President that I never voted for an completely, utterly, ever so much abhor and Twitter McFuckheads in the Health Administration,

After reading this article I've a few things to say to you.

I'm sorry but did you just try to take away my free will when I wasn't looking? Did I...Did I somehow slip into the past where women have little to no rights, where they never look a man in the eyes, speak softly only when spoken to, and remain barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen? Or is it worse and I've suddenly found my once beautiful and gloriously FREE country suddenly overtaken by a cruel and unforgiving dictatorship that strips me of my God-given FREE WILL?

I think, perhaps, you should take a step back, clear the delusions of Godhood from your eyes, and guard yourselves because if you so much as pretend to harbor any such notions that you have any. Fucking. SAY. in how I govern my life or make choices that affect my life I will END you.

I am an American but more importantly I am a woman. I am a woman. I. AM. A. Fucking. HUMAN BEING.

Treat me as anything less, try to take away my say in how I live my life and make my choices, and you forfeit any and all basic rights you believe you have to your life.

I'm not a demure woman. I do not simper. I do not go meekly. I FIGHT. And I fight dirty.

So please, please I beg you - try it. You'll find out what happens when I take away the rights you think you have over your own body. You'll find out what it's like to have no choice.

Sincerely - so very Mr. President and Court of Idiots; so very Sincerely,

A Human Being Who Happens to Be a Woman.
Tags: rl, wtf

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