Sev (tanzensiemit) wrote,

Sometimes, Just Sometimes...

Title: Sometimes, Just Sometimes...
Author: Sev tanzensiemit
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing/character: Lorne/Radek, Ronon
Rating: FRAO
Prompt: Radek and Lorne are screwing, Ronon's watching.
Kink: Voyerism
Notes/Warnings: Slash, Male/Male intimacy, slight BDSM themes but not overt, Poly themes, general schmoopiness too. Be warned!
A/N: I'm late but with good reasons! ER trumps Online. >_>; Also, no beta because of the lateness so any and all errors are mine. *grins* I horde them too! And this is so dedicated to the mate. *hearts* SORRY IT'S SO LATE!

Radek slides his palm up the flat of Evan’s chest and pushes, hard, when it stops just above the other man’s heart. It’s not a nice move and will probably bruise and sting later but from the startled sound that crests off of Evan’s lips, the way his eyes flare in surprise for just a moment before shuttering as he falls, Radek knows that his - HIS - flyboy won’t complain. He never has before after all and right now, Evan doesn’t have the right.

Evan falls backwards, knees clipping the edge of the couch, and lands with a slight bounce before his weight sinks him into the cushions. He doesn’t wait for direction before he’s got his hands loose and resting palms flat on either side of him. It’s something he’s learned to just do automatically when Radek gets like this, to just not question or struggled but just do. Evan blames the fact that he knows the little scientist trained him into this action just like he knows that the Air Force gets equal shares because they trained him to take orders, direct or unspoken, and follow them without question. And sometimes he just ignores the both of them and takes all the guilt unto himself because, really? If he didn’t want it so bad he’d never have fell the first time.

It doesn’t take long for the long line of buttons down Evan’s shirt to be dispatched and his undershirt tugged from his pants -- Radek’s got a mean worth ethic and the type of concentration that Evan had been both breathlessly giddy and summarily terrified and embarrassed to have leveled on him. But it also makes him feel something else, has to because something makes him keep his mouth closed and just take anything and everything Radek gives him without a sound. And that’s what scares him the most, except Radek has never given him any reason to fear him. So, in the end, Evan’s left to observe the war between his body and his brain while the other man makes quick work of his belt and latches, and pushes and pulls until his pants are fanned wide and inched down Evan’s hips.

Radek doesn’t bend, doesn’t kneel, when he takes Evan’s pants off either. He uses those strong, calloused hands to smooth over Evan’s thighs and down to his knees and with a little pressure and gentled upwards push with just his fingertips, he has Evan lifting his legs, one at a time, so he can pull the material down towards Evan’s boots. And Evan’s not allowed to drop the leg resting in Radek’s hands until the thump of his falling boot hits the ground and the air tickles the bottom of his bare foot, now devoid of its sock. The process is simple and efficient and Radek keeps himself on his feet the entire time, making Evan do all the work. Evan still hasn’t complained and probably never will.

With both feet, now bare and set a little wider apart, on the floor Radek steps between them and places those broad hands on Evan’s shoulders. Evan can feel the man’s thumbs working into the muscle, the slow circular motions that dig into the tension taunt cords and don’t stop until the muscles relax. It’s automatic, the tension, and Evan tried to apologize for it because he knows what’s going to happen and knows that Radek won’t hurt him, but Radek dismisses his words with a sharp glance and Evan’s learned to just be quiet and to let those digging thumbs relax him.

It eventually works, a whole matter of seconds passing, and Evan’s sighing and letting his head fall back against the cushion. His whole body just sinks a little more into the couch and Evan makes the mistake of closing his eyes to enjoy it. Radek’s got his hands around his hips and jerks him down and forward before Evan knows what’s going on so there’s no resistance and only a mild yelp when Evan feels the world shift. His eyes pop open fast and wide and his hands scramble at the cushions to regain his balance only to have Radek’s hand against his chest to push him back once again. Evan falls and arches so that his shoulders catch his weight and he’s hanging in a bowed position.

Evan knows his mouth his hanging open and he’s all but panting but doesn’t say anything, just asks his questions and offers his apologies with his eyes. Radek’s smiling then, warm and full, so Evan relaxes but keeps himself arched because those sapphire eyes are working their way down his body and Evan can see just how much the color is being eaten away by pupil when he breaths and his muscles shift. Evan’s long since tricked his brain into thinking that he’s comfortable in positions like these because there’s no way he’ll ever give Radek a chance to lose that look just because Evan’s muscles burn and ache if he stays like this to long.


Radek’s voice was quiet, barely above a modulated whisper, but the single word of praise seemed to drown out all other sound in the room. Evan shuddered visibly and tried very hard to bring himself back under control, to make himself sit still in the arch and let Radek look his fill, and wait, wait, wait for the moment those broad hands curved and stroked over his naked frame. It made him crazy and frustrated the hell out of him to have to wait but he always did and always would because you never rushed perfection or a focused scientist. Evan learned that early.

He doesn’t have to wait long before Radek leans forward - does not bend - and slides a hand along a bare arm, across his clavicle, and rests warm and heavy against his neck. Evan makes a soft sound that he refuses to think of as a sigh but he does it again when Radek’s thumb brushes over his throat and, really, there’s no denying it now. Evan closes his eyes and tilts his head backwards, feeling the burn in his shoulders does not give a damn.

“Today, you do a very stupid thing, no?” Radek says gently, belaying his earlier anger that had made Evan pliant and mute. Radek doesn’t wait for him to answer because Evan’s already admitted as much when he came here, so Radek continues while bringing his other hand up to rub across Evan’s chest. “You did not listen and as result you come back to Atlantis, to me, battered and bruised and without single necessary reason for either.”

Something twists in Evan’s gut at the disappointment he can hear in Radek’s voice but he forces himself not to react. He knows he’s failed when blunt nails bit into the skin of his neck. There’s no pain, Radek would never hurt him, but the ache’s there all the same. Evan opens his eyes and look up.

“Come.” Radek moves his hands down Evan’s body, dipping beneath his arms, and splays firmly against Evan’s back, pulling gently forward until Evan’s sitting fully erect. Automatically Evan’s hands find their place back on the cushions and he waits.

Radek steps back, then, and starts to undress himself. Evan’s hands twitch but remain still. He knows better than to offer help right now, knows better than to move. His fingers, though; his fingers ache to grasp bits of blue fabric and drag it up along Radek’s chest to reveal the pale peach skin and blondish fuzz beneath. It’s almost a palpable how much he wants to just lean forward and bury his nose against the soft warmth of the man’s belly and lick and nip and taste salt and sweat and burned wires and machine oil and that faint, lingering spice of Athosian soap.

Evan watches in silence as boots are neatly discarded besides the science envoy blue top followed closely by rumpled khaki pants and those silly green striped boxers that Evan knows Laura’s responsible for. Those and a pound of Kitten Tongues as a late birthday gift - If Evan didn’t know that Laura was sleeping with Carson, he might have thought some unsavory things about his best friend, but as it was she was and Radek’s pretty big on monogamy. Radek’s finally, gloriously, naked so Evan pushes thoughts about green boxers and crazy explosive experts out of his head.

When Radek ignores his glasses, leaving them perched on his nose, Evan immediately flushes and drops his gaze down to stare at his toes, a dopey smile tugging at his lips. Because, because, oh God! When Radek leaves his glasses on Evan always ends up a quivering wreck and Radek, the bastard, sees it all. He doesn’t let his mild hyperopia blur the edges and let Evan keep some of his destruction to himself. And it’s not as if Evan would ever want to let him either because that’s a part of himself that he gives Radek freely. Just sometimes the Czech gets smug about it…and sometimes Evan likes it.

The hands are back, warm and firm against his shoulders, guiding Evan to the side and down on to the cushions. He lets Radek tuck his legs up and rest his ankles wide across the arm, leaving just enough space between his thighs for the other man to settle in to but, to Evan’s surprise and disappointment, Radek doesn’t. Instead his lover leaves him lying there, exposed and half-hard, and walks towards the desk that’s situated just behind the couch along the wall, out of sight even if Evan tips his head all the way back to look. And that’s fine, really, because after a few endless seconds Radek’s back and finally - yes, THANK YOU, Evan thinks - slipping over Evan’s left leg and sinking into the cushions, on his knees and looking down at Evan with lust-blown eyes and a serene smile. Now Evan shudders and doesn’t bother hiding the way that look makes him flush.

There’s a loud popping sound and Evan’s eyes snap open - when the hell did they close? -, heart hammering, and looks around, zeroing in on the bottle tipping just over his stomach. There’s no label or logo adorning the plastic container but Evan knows what the soft amber liquid inside is -- A mixture of glycerin, polyethylene oxide, Athosian Calah herb extract that's sort of like aloe, and something that makes his skin tingle. Radek won't tell him what he adds to make it do that and Evan doesn‘t want to ask someone to analyze it for him. Evan enjoys the fact that Radek made it special just for him and maybe he doesn’t want to share that. With anyone.

Another gasp is pulled out of him when the first splash of the stuff hits his belly and squirms when the it starts to leak down his sides. The bottle’s discarded at some point because Radek’s hands are cupping either side of Evan’s stomach to keep the lubricant from ruining the couch , though it’s easy to clean off surfaces and doesn’t actually stain. Evan just thinks the man doesn’t want to waste it on anything that doesn’t involve skin.

The slippery feel gets massaged into his skin when Radek’s hands start moving in whirling patterns that grow bigger and cover more naked flesh until he’s groaning into the air and fighting to keep still. God his dick’s taken a distinct interest in those warm hands but they’re moving down opposite creases where his hips meet groin and ignoring the one place Evan’s going to start begging for them to touch. Thankfully Radek’s showing him some mercy because Evan can feel fingers brushing down below his balls then lower where they tease over his hole.

No matter how many times they’ve done this, that he’s laid open his legs and offered that part of himself to Radek, it still makes Evan blush from his toes up. It embarrasses the hell out of him to admit it but the way Radek plays with him like this, it makes him feel kind of special and sexy and a ton of other adjectives that he’d kill himself before letting spill over his lips to describe so he just keeps it to himself and turns red. He’s got a sneaking suspicion that Radek knows anyways and that? That just makes him groan a little louder and spread his legs a little wider when the press of fingers works him open and slide inside.

It’s all very gentle and slow. So very, very slow and it makes Evan want to scream at times with how agonizingly delicious it is. Leisurely strokes of thick fingers, stretching and soothing him, blunt nails barely scraping against the most sensitive areas only to have the pleasure-pain caressed away by callused pads until Evan’s very nearly sobbing with the effort it takes not to cry out and beg. Of course he was already begging in another way; with his body bowed and arching upwards and writhing, shuddering helplessly and completely at the mercy of his lover.

Evan all but whimpered when the fingers withdrew and flashed a lust-muzzled glare down his sweat-slick body. Radek just grinned at him, that damned half smile, half smirk that Evan found endearing and just a bit wicked, then the scientist’s hands were on his hips, pulling Evan’s overly pliant body down the cushions. With a little direction, Radek had Evan’s feet flat on the cushions by his thighs and lifted Evan’s hips in to the his lap. Then with one fluid motion Radek breeched then sank deep inside, causing Evan to gasp out a strangled moan.

They sat like that, joined, for what Evan thought an eternity before finally - Oh God, yes. YES. - Radek started to move. Short, shallow thrusts that had nothing to do with pleasure and everything to do with punishment dragged out the most wretched of sounds from Evan’s throat until he couldn’t help himself, until the floodgates opened and he was actively begging for everything; for forgiveness, for motion, for more, more, more! Only Radek chuckled and shook his head.

The smaller man leaned over Evan’s bowed body and licked at the sweat-salted skin before nipping at the overheated flesh. His mouth moved with dedication over every inch it could reach then stopped only to start again. It was driving Evan insane! His dick ached almost painfully with each beat of his heart and he begged Radek to touch him, to move, to do something because he needed it or he’d burst. And again Radek laughed. LAUGHED. Except it wasn’t cruel, wasn’t biting. It was soft and filled with affection and that was almost a little painful too but it made Evan smile in return.

A shift and the strokes started to lengthen and yes, oh fuck, YES, they hit his center and made Evan cry brokenly as the pleasure washed over him again and again. Evan couldn’t think, almost couldn’t breath, when Radek’s hand, that clever, callused hand, wrapped around his cock and all to soon it was too much. Everything went grey around the edges as hot fluid decorated his chest, narrowing his world down to the rapid beating of his heart and the constant flashes of white-hot euphoria washing over his senses. Evan arched and followed the steady flow with his hips and his heart and closed his eyes.

When Evan opened them again Radek was smiling down at him, panting as he leaned over Evan’s chest, straining forward to bestow the sweetest kiss Evan could ever remember receiving against his lips. It made Evan smile and lean upwards into it, but he was to wasted, to spent, to keep upright and immediately flopped back against the cushions after only a moment. Radek chuckled again and slowly slid, soft and spent, from his body.

Evan doesn’t remember much of the clean up except the feel of warm cloth over his over-sensitized skin and a series of three kisses: to his forehead, his lips, and over his heart. It was Radek’s gift to him, Evan knew. Each kiss to signify everything the Czech valued pressed tightly to Evan’s skin that was more about branding Evan with the man’s soul than merely his love.

“Put him to bed, yes?” Evan heard Radek say and turned his head to the side to stare across the dimly lit room at the man standing in the shadows by one of the chairs near the door. He watched in hazy fascination as the figure bent low to receive a kiss to his forehead and smiled when a flash of blue and brown looked back at him.

“I will return soon as I am sure that Kavanaugh has not blown east lab into tiny bits.” Radek bent to collect his clothes and began dressing with the kind of efficiency that Evan kind of envied then the man was slipping his shoes on and heading out the door.

“When I do, you are to be ready.” Radek paused on the threshold and gave Ronon an unreadable look. “I have not forgotten you were there as well.” Then he was gone, leaving both Ronon and Evan in semi-darkness.

Evan watched Ronon shift on his feet then pivot towards the couch and tried to offer the younger man a reassuring smile that probably looked more dopey than confident. “Look at it this way,” He said, “At least you know it won’t hurt.”

Ronon scooped Evan up like he weighted nothing, tossed him over his shoulder then carted him into the bedroom, laughing the whole way.

Tags: frao, sga, zelenka/lorne

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