Sev (tanzensiemit) wrote,

For absolutely no reason, my right ear started leaking blood right along with my nose. Just like that.

One second I'm waking up and feeling kinda crummy, thinking that it's a summer cold coming on, and the next I've got blood all over my face...which I didn't even notice until I licked my lips and tasted copper.

I freaked out.

Turns out when I was listening to my music last night, through my headphones, I jarred something real good. I though I'd busted my drum but the ER doc said it wasn't that bad. He gave me a prescription for ibuprofen (which I burned in my sink - the note, not the meds), a prescription for some drops for my ear, and told me to keep it clean and rest.


So, yeah. How was your day?
Tags: rl

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